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Körkortsboken (The Driving License Book) is the official app from STR (Swedish Traffic Instructors Association) where you can study your driver's licence theory. The content of the material is quality-assured and reviewed by training providers. The theory material for category B is available in both English and Swedish.

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Study on your terms!

Study whenever you want, wherever you want, and however you want! You can choose exactly how you want to study – by reading, practicing, or answering questions.

Varied content!

We have hundreds of interactive exercises and videos, mixing facts and theory with images, videos, and illustrations to help you easily see and understand the driver's licence theory.

Track your progress and stay on top of it!

Inside Körkortsboken, you can easily track your progress on the journey toward your driver's licence under the "Progress" tab. And for each theory section in the app, you can answer questions related to that specific section. You'll receive instant feedback on your answers and get an overview of answered questions, as well as whether you answered right or wrong.

English translation

The Körkortsboken app is available in English for the car category (Category B). The theory material has been translated by AI but then carefully reviewed by experts to ensure that the same terminology used by Transportsyrelsen and Trafikverket is also used in our material. All to ensure that you learn the correct driver's licence theory and that you later on can reach your goal - pass the test and get your driver's licence!

The official app from STR

Reviewed by training providers

Everything you need to pass the theory test

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Get the material read aloud with audio support.

Study how you want - read, practice or answer questions!

Thousands of questions for car, truck, motorcycle and moped

Varied content - videos, illustrations, texts, and images

Your entire driver's education – all in one place! (Moped, Motorcycle, Car, BE)

The theory material for driver’s licence for a passenger car (Category B) is available in both English and Swedish

How do I get started?

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To get started with Körkortsboken, you just need to do two things: create an account and purchase the theory material itself. Follow the two steps here to the side and you


Create an account

Visit, create your account, and test out the theory for the licence category you're studying for. You can try it out completely free for 48 hours. So you have enough time to test everything.

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Purchase your theory material

Happy with Körkortsboken? Time to purchase your theory material! Follow the link below to go to the shop where you can easily buy material for the licence category you want to obtain.

Choose STR and take the right path with your training provider


Choosing an STR-affiliated training provider provides great security for you as a consumer and future road user. STR-affiliated training providers undergo inspections by the Swedish Transport Agency (Transportstyrelsen) and actively work to improve road safety. They take great responsibility to ensure that you, as a student, receive all the support you need during your education.

But it's also good to know that in order to be affiliated with STR, training providers must meet certain additional requirements regarding teaching, finances, insurance, and consumer protection, which benefit you as a student. If, despite everything, you are not satisfied with your driver training, you can always turn to STR's own complaints board for assistance. That provides double security.

How does it work inside Körkortsboken?

3 ways to study theory

You can study the driver's license theory in three ways: Read, Practice, and Quiz. You choose which path you want to take and in what order you do it. It's not mandatory to go through all the material, but the more knowledge you have, the more confident you'll feel when it's time to take the theory test.



Under Read you will find everything you need to know about the driver's licence theory presented in text and images.



Mix your reading with exercises and videos as you like. This makes studying varied, more enjoyable, and enhances understanding.



Answering questions allows you to both learn and test your knowledge. The practice questions are very similar to 'real' test questions, but here you immediately find out if you answered correctly or incorrectly with an explanation.

Features in Körkortsboken


You can take quick tests or more comprehensive tests. Choose to test yourself within a specific subject or in mixed subjects. Take all the time you need or set a time limit. You decide! All correct answers are based on your proficiency level under "Progress".

Once you have reached a proficiency level of 75% in all subjects, you are ready for the final tests. The questions here are unique, and the tests are designed just like Trafikverkets's theory tests.

My driving training

An STR-affiliated training provider assists you in developing a schedule and a structure tailored specifically to you. The plan - which includes both theoretical and practical components - is carefully designed to help you achieve your goal.


You can track your progress and see when you are approaching your goals. Your progress is measured in actual knowledge and not how much of the material you have gone through. It is correct answers to the questions in Quiz and Test that raise your knowledge level from 0 to 100%